Our Services

Benchmark Indices

EMIX Benchmark Indices takes a platform agnostic approach to delivery of index services allowing subscribers to choose delivery either directly or via vendor systems.

EMIX Benchmark Indices include:
  • EMIX Smaller European Companies Index Series*
  • EMIX Emerging Markets Index Series*
  • EMIX Global Mining Index Series*
  • EMIX Gold Mining Energy Index Series*
  • EMIX Smaller Japan Index Series*
  • EMIX Smaller South East Asian Index Series*
  • EMIX South East Asian Index Series*
  • EMIX World Smaller Companies Index Series*

* Before October 1st 2013 all the above Indices were HSBC indices.


Calculation Agent Services

Euromoney Indices has substantial experience in calculating strategy, research and customised indices across the major asset classes:

  • Equities
  • Rates
  • Credit
  • FX
  • ETFs

Euromoney Indices has deep knowledge of applying  investment techniques such as risk control, long/short, optimisation, reflexivity and fundamental factors to its index calculations that allow them to compute and calculate complex investment strategy indices.

Euromoney Indices offers its services as a calculation agent to both banks and investment managers on an end of day basis with delivery pre market open the next day.

Euromoney Indices is currently the calculation agent for the following index series:

  • HSBC Global Algorithmic FX Index
  • HSBC Macro Economic Treasury Yield Spread Index
  • HSBC Asset Management Economic Scale Index


Bespoke Data Services

Euromoney Indices manages a database of over 82,500 equity instruments covering developed, emerging and frontier equity markets  with histories dating back to 1985. 

Euromoney Indices applies the most stringent quality assurance techniques through its own in house team  to ensure that the data remains of the highest quality for its own index construction and calculation. 

Euromoney Indices offers both single snapshot data as well as ongoing updates to clients to best suit client needs.  Utilising raw data from a variety of sources Euromoney Indices’ team of experienced analysts, working across European time zones, are dedicated to ensuring that the high level of data accuracy and integrity of the database is maintained at all times of the day. This means that clients are assured of the highest quality information in the most timely manner possible.

Data Items available from Euromoney Indices include:

  • Daily prices; open, close, high, low
  • Issued share capitals, dividends and corporate actions
  • Indicative data, issued amounts and free float bandings
  • Static fields; stock codes and identifiers, share types, company names etc.
  • Contemporaneous FX rates from industry standard sources